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Address:                  Southwest Coin, Stamp & Jewelry,

                                 6712 S Western Ave,

                                 Oklahoma City, OK, 73139 - 1807




Phone:                       405-698-3333


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Who we are...


Southwest Coin and Stamp is one of the oldest coin stores in the Oklahoma City area. For generations we have serviced collectors by providing everything from modern pennies to hard to find key date coins to old currency. We even provide supplies for all your coin collecting needs.


Not only do we sell coins and currency, we also buy collectible coins and currency. Don't have any old money? We can help you make money other ways as well. Bring us your gold and silver bullion, scrap gold and silver, sterling silver flatware, broken jewelry, and even dental gold.


Let us help you discover treasure that you may not even know you have!


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If you have unwanted gold, silver, jewelry, or currency, stop in today and turn it in for some extra cash. Our expert appraisers will always get you top dollar for your items.