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Do you have dental gold?

Turn your dental gold into extra cash

Get cold hard cash for your old caps and crowns

Have you grown out of your gold teeth, or simply don't want them any more?  Stop in today and we'll give you cash for your dental gold. Like any other discarded gold, your dental gold can be melted down and turned into jewelry and other pieces. We will weigh it and give you top dollar based on our honest appraisal.

Sell us your dental gold

Get quick cash for your unwanted dental gold

•Gold caps

•Gold crowns

•Gold grills

If you have dental gold that you're looking to get rid of, you can count on our experienced professionals to give you a fair appraisal. From caps and crowns to full grills, you can count on us for top dollar every time.


Once you get your cash, explore our wide variety of collectibles and decor to find something amazing.

Your dental gold could have more value than

you think. Bring us your unwanted dental gold

and turn it

into extra cash.

Give us a call today


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