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Turn your bullion into instant cash

Are you ready to invest in some gold or silver? Or, is it time to sell gold and silver in which you have already invested? Whether you want to begin or build a gold investment, or liquidate it or cash, visit us for a FREE appraisal and get top dollar for your bullion.

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•Gold bullion

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•Government minted bullion

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•Collectible bullion

Bullion is a way to trade pure silver and gold. It can be nearly any shape or size, and can be minted by the government or made by a private mint company. Often the number .999 can be found on the coin indicating it is pure silver or gold, or number .925 indicating sterling silver.


The price of precious metals is dictated by market price. This amount gives you a general idea of how much you can expect to receive for your bullion, or pay to purchase more.

If you are interested in collecting gold

for investment purposes, bullion is often the

ideal choice.

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