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Get quick cash for your

sterling silver!

If you're unsure whether you have sterling silver in your possession, stop in our store today and let our experts give you an honest appraisal - you'll be making money in no time!

Give us a call today and get paid for your gold and silver


Getting you top $$$ for your sterling silver


Do you have old silverware sets that are made of sterling silver? Old silver candlesticks? Silver flasks? Stop in today and ask our experienced professionals to appraise your sterling set. We'll get you top dollar for it!


   • Sterling silverware

   • Candlesticks

   • Platters

   • Cigarette holders

   • Flasks

   • Powder boxes

   • Precious metal

   • Estate collections




We'll help you know exactly what you have


Many of these same items have also been made in brass and plated in silver achieving the same beautiful look at a fraction of the price. It is not cost effective to separate such a small amount of silver as is used in plating, so we do not buy plated items.


Look for marks on your items specifying the silver content. The word "sterling" or the numbers "925" indicate that your item is probably solid sterling. The words "silver plate," "silver EP," or the lack of any mark at all indicate that your item is not solid, but only plated. If you are not sure or want a second opinion we will be happy to help you and check your item at no charge